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The 16th MITEX Moscow International Tool Expo, Equipment and Technology was held on 7-10 November 2023, at Expocentre. Every year, the industry platform brings together top leaders of the international tool industry. This year, the event comprised 1,052 companies within the exhibition area of 40,800 sq.m.

One of the brightest events at MITEX 2023 was an industrial walking tour which encompassed the leading Russian and foreign suppliers and manufacturers of equipment who discussed transformations, innovations and trends in the tool industry.


Traditionally, one of the most popular and widely represented areas at the trade fair is equipment for gardening and communal works.

Thus, in 2023, the CAIMAN brand of premium class professional gardening equipment took on the role of the title sponsor of the event, for the second year running. The company was set up in partnership with the French manufacturer Pubert in 2004; its homeland is France; the trademark belongs to the Russian company Unisaw Group. Today, the CAIMAN range of products comprises over 30 categories and 300 models, including not just equipment, but also consumables and machines for service centers. Part of professional gardening equipment is produced in the Moscow region.

At MITEX 2023, the company presented a new category of the brand's collection, i.e. the CAIMAN professional chainsaws. Models are presented in the range of their cylinder capacity from 45 to 56 cc and are equipped with decompressors; the equipment is easy to start, and owing to the insulation the system has low vibration. Chainsaws are completed with professional tires and chains and are intended for timber harvesting, including hardwood.

Alexander Markin, the CAIMAN brand founder, Unisaw Group General Director.

In the nearest future, CAIMAN plans to present to the general public "A feature film about a chainsaw with a backstage where the characters are being tested and demonstrate technology solutions. The Chanso 55 model was used for shooting. It is equipped with a Japanese integrally machined high-strength tire and a tungsten-carbide chain with a Gold protective coating."

In early 2024, CAIMAN approaches its 20th anniversary.

The next participant of the industrial walking tour was the MOTOR-PLACE company, which was founded in 2022 and has already proven itself to be a reliable supplier of cars, motorcycles, ATVs, outboard engines, power equipment, and general-purpose engines.

One of the key areas of the company's work is the development and production of motor equipment using their own brand HND.

Today, the brand's range comprises 32 products. Most of the devices are equipped with Honda engines.

At MITEX-2023, the company first presented a new line of outboard engines, which is represented by three models: OB5, OB9.9, and OB60.

Maxim Zheleznyak, Head of Marketing and Online Sales Department, MOTOR-PLACE.

Our company entered the Russian market by no accident; it was founded by a professional and experienced team from Honda Motor Rus LLC, which for several decades represented the Honda trademark in Russia. We have tremendous experience and expertise in all types of motor technology, which are the fundamental factors of success in the development of our own brand.

Over the years of working with the global Honda, we have managed to build a professional, strong and extensive dealer network. Most of it, which worked before and is now working with the company, now additionally represents our new brand HND. We keep providing service support for all Honda equipment; and not only power equipment, but also cars, motorcycles and outboard engines. All our service specialists are definitely experts in their field. They can provide service support and maintenance training to all of our dealers. Besides, we have our own service center in Moscow, where we can do repairs, consulting and replacements.

In 2022, the share of enterprises operating for more than five years amounted to 58.6% which is the maximum over the past six years. In total, there were 1.52 million - this is 1.4% more than six years ago.

The next participant in the tour is MOBIL K, one of the oldest Russian manufacturers of gardening equipment. Its general specialization is the production of attachments and components for garden, communal and motor and agricultural machinery used for small areas, as well as general machine-building devices. The main customers of attachments are the largest companies such as Krasny Oktyabr, Kaluga Engine, and Salyut, to name but a few.

INSET: In 2008, the company announced launching the production at their own plant in Gagarin, Smolensk region. The enterprise uses the cutting-edge production methods, such as powder coating, heat treatment of metals using high-frequency currents, carbon dioxide welding, etc. Today, the site of 32,000 sq.m. encompasses 180 employees.

This year, at the trade fair, the company presented a new line of MOBIL K PREMIUM gasoline snow-removing machines. These are professional machines with a capacity of up to 13 hp with the most technologically advanced solutions.

Grigory Korablev, MOBIL K General Director.

From my point of view, our main difference from competitors is the company's product. We always develop high-tech, functional, comfortable and unique solutions. So, for several years now, MOBIL K has been the only manufacturer of self-mobile gasoline snow-removing machines in Russia, which is confirmed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Our snow-removing machines are included in the register of Russian-manufactured products.

According to the 2023 Power Tools Global Market Report by Business Research Company, the power tools market size is expected to reach $53.58 billion by 2027 (!).

In turn, the Russian power tools market over the past few years has been recognized as one of the largest and fastest growing in the world (20-25% of annual growth), and local ones have about 20% of the total share of the industry market.

INTERSKOL is one of the best known and familiar manufacturers of power tools in Russia and abroad alike. In more than 30 years, over 50 million items of power tools have been developed, manufactured and sold on the local market. The company has over 400 authorized service centers in Russia.

According to the Russian Association of Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Power Tools and Labor-Saving Devices, INTERSKOL is one of the bestselling brands in Russia.

At MITEX 2023, the domestic brand demonstrated a variety of bright all-new products, including perforators with a high-functioning ABC anti-vibration system manufactured by the Russian plant of INTERSKOL LLC in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone (The Republic of Tatarstan).

One of the most promising and much-awaited new products of INTERSKOL is the general-purpose accumulator batteries (ACC) API 36 V and API MAX 36 V.

Sergey Nemkov, Director of Brand Marketing, INTRESKOL.

I suppose, you won't find a single true master, be it an amateur or a professional, who is not familiar with the brand and has no experience in operating the equipment produced by it. The value for money factor and a wide range of products make the tools compelling for a wide variety of users. In the past year, we have significantly expanded the range of products. Visitors had an opportunity to see many all-new products in battery technology, electric tools and garden gas equipment at the trade fair. Today, among the long-term plans is launching of its own line of batteries and production of fundamentally new models based on brushless motors, which will initiate a series of innovative power tools, as good as the famous world brands comparables, and in many ways superior to foreign competitors. Also, more attention is paid to creating and implementing innovative technical and technological solutions; highly qualified specialists are involved in proactive research and development work. Plus, we are intensively cooperating with the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering and other specialized universities.

The next participant is ZUBR, Russian manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high-quality tools, materials and equipment, which has been working in the industry market of Russia and the CIS for over 25 years.

For two years in a row (2019, 2021), ZUBR was awarded the national title "Brand No. 1 in Russia" in the "Construction and Repair Tools" category.

Vyacheslav Chapkovsky, Power Tools Segment Manager, ZUBR.

Ever since its founding, our company has been continuously developing, expanding the range, improving models and finding new points of growth. Today, when many foreign brands left the Russian market, to meet the growing needs of our customers we began to particularly emphasize scientific research, achieving maximum efficiency and safety of tools. Highly qualified engineers with extensive experience work in the ZUBR design bureau. Many of them are of the old school and have hige experience in industrial enterprises.

The next stop on the MITEX 2023 tool card is the Simbirsk-Crown group of companies. The company's key business line is the development, production and sale of STAVR and Kolner power tools and production of GALAXY LINE household appliances. This year the company approaches its 25th anniversary.

The wide range of the STAVR brand comprises battery tools, including single battery platform, drills and driving power tools, chain and circular saws, grinding tools, machine tools, garden equipment, pumps, hot air blowers, to mention but a few.The KÖLNER brand range comprises tools and equipment - electric drills and cordless drills - screwdrivers, planes and fretsaws, grinding and milling machines, specialized tools, welding equipment and garden equipment.

The STAVR and Kolner display at MITEX 2023 comprised over 150 product samples, many of which have already become bestsellers due to their safety, quality and on the top of that, affordability.

Andrey Trubkin, Simbirsk-Crown Product Manager.

Simbirsk-Crown is known in the industry market for its safety, quality and a wide array of choices. Our tools are designed for both home craftsmen and professionals, which allows customers to solve a variety of tasks - from repair and construction to gardening. We are constantly investing in R&D to keep us at the forefront of the tool industry and provide customers with the most advanced solutions. When developing new products, first we pay attention to the use of more efficient engines, improved safety systems. Thus, last year, one of the new directions in the development of our brands was the development of a tool that works on a single battery platform. This allows our customers to use a single battery for different tools, which reduces costs and simplifies equipment maintenance.

The next participant is ELITECH, the Russian brand of power tools and equipment. The company has over 530 models of tools created based on the latest technologies, changing market needs and tool usage specifics; over 1500 items of tooling and consumables for any purpose whatsoever.

Olga Mityaeva, ELITECH Marketing Director.

Back in the early days of ELITECH, in 2008, we set a goal of producing high-quality tools to serve for years. That's why, at all times, we paid much attention to the selection of plants with experience in the production of world premium brands able to implement the projects of our engineers. In the course of work, we do quality control of goods using state-of-the-art-type high-tech equipment. Much attention is paid to after-sales service. So, over 200 authorized service centers throughout Russia allow us to provide support and settle any issue as soon as possible.

And last but not least, the FIOLENT plant. This year, one of the oldest instrument-making enterprises and the most devoted participant of the MITEX Trade Fair turned 110 years old. The company produces professional handheld power tools series: Fiolent Master and Fiolent Professional. The use of high-precision equipment and advanced technologies contribute to proper quality and safety of products.

By report of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia (Minpromtorg), the FIOLENT PLANT JSC was recognized as the only Russian manufacturer of professional handheld power tools in the Russian Federation. Electric tools are manufactured through a full-term production cycle: from design to assembly of the product, with mandatory system control at each stage of production.

At the Trade Fair, the Russian manufacturer presented their new power tool items.

Viktor Kislitsyn, Deputy General Director for Commercial Affairs, FIOLENT Plant.

In 2023, as part of the import substitution program, we developed a series of industrial-class power tools for use in the shipbuilding, metalworking and construction industries, in the face of the actual working conditions. Thus, devices are equipped with higher-power engines, cyclone filters to protect the electric motor from metal dust and other innovative technical solutions. With the benefit of high reliability targets, these devices let you do the heavy types of work on metal, stone and other materials. Today prototypes are being tested at shipyards in Russia.

Adhering to the strategy of continued development, starting from 2025 the company plans to launch the production of battery tools and professional tools with a thyratron motor.

Gulnara Markelova, MITEX Director.

For over 16 years, the MITEX Trade Fair has remained an invariable meeting place for the leading Russian and foreign manufacturers, suppliers and consumers of tools. Last year, in response to the industrial market, the event was held in an updated format. Manufacturers and suppliers of tool solutions for domestic and industrial use have gathered on one site.

In 2023, the large-scale synergy of manufacturers and suppliers of technological concepts for industrial and household purposes only intensified. This year the trade fair set up an all-time record and became the largest since its inception. So, over 1000 suppliers and manufacturers of tools took part in MITEX 2023. In four days, over 22,400 industry professionals visited the event. Obviously, these results give us, the organizers, the motivation to keep going, to develop and implement the most demanded formats at MITEX 2024. We look forward to welcoming you at the 17th MITEX Trade Fair, on 5-8 November 2024, at Expocentre.

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