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Новые даты проведения: 10 - 13 ноября 2021 года
ЦВК «Экспоцентр». Павильоны 1 и «Форум».

Feedback from our participants shows that MITEX-2021 is quite valuable for the industry and attracts attention.


Alexey Orlov, General Manager , ELITECHM

«We are very glad that the exhibition took place. This is the only event of this scale that gathers specialists from our industry. Already on the first day of the exhibition, we had a very successful negotiations with our partners. The greatest joy for us at the exhibition is to meet our costumers and partners. We always have something to talk about with them, there is something to negotiate, there is something to show»


Dmitry Itsko, Commercial Director, Positec Russia

«We're having a very interesting time right now. After almost 2 years of home office, the exhibition presented a perfect opportunity to meet our partners personally in order to show them our new products and to discuss how to adapt business to the new reality. At the exhibition we communicate with our dealers and distributors, large regional retail chains, representatives of e-commerce. All our largest customers came to the exhibition. Of the corporate customers, we can note the Ministry of Emergency Situations, these are the specialists who work with our tool themselves»


Andrey Demyanenko, Head of Marketing Department, Sevrnye Strely

«We have always considered the MITEX exhibition as the best platform for negotiations with our partners. We cooperate with companies all over the country. Our customers from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok visited our stand at the exhibition»


Mikhail Berezin, Sales Director, WERA

«We have really missed the last 2 years of personal contacts with both end consumers and our dealers. We are very happy to be here at a perfectly organized event. Despite the fact that digital technologies allow us to work over long distances, personal communication is still very important. The MITEX exhibition presents a perfect opportunity of face-to-face communication. We were very pleased to meet our customers here.»


Andrey Shepelevich, Head of the product line «Tools», TDM Electric

«It is very pleasant that our stand is visited by specialists related to the sales sector as well as the full range of end-user buyers including craftsmen, installers, foremen, who are interested in learning about the specifics of the tools and the ways of working with them. In the state in which the whole world is working now, the possibility of a large share of personal communication, the opportunity to hold a tool in your hands, to understand for yourself how it works, has disappeared. In these circumstances, participation in the exhibition is very important»

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